WrestleShark sits down with…Referee Thomas Kearins

August 15, 2014

In the latest of WrestleShark's series of sit down interviews, the team sit down with referee Thomas Kearins. 

In spite of his youthful appearance, Thomas has been reffing the Scottish scene for more than seven years, working with some of the biggest names in pro-wrestling. 

Sitting down with Simon, Scott and Louise as he is the guinea pig for their new segment: 10 QUESTIONS! Featuring such probing insights as "What flavour is the Ultimate Warrior?", "Where would you take Kamala on a date?" and "Who would win in a fight, Haku or John McClane?"
From there, Thomas discusses how he got into reffing, his favourite match, how the scene has changed over the years and his opinions on individuals such as Mark Dallas, Damian O'Connor, Conscience and much more!

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WrestleShark sits down with…Mark Coffey

August 7, 2014

Insane Championship Wrestling Zero G and self-proclaimed "real" champion and Scottish Wrestling Alliance Mainstay; world traveled superstar, from the Zero1 Dojo to the "Exotic Express" to Polo Promotions, this week WrestleShark sits down with Mark Coffey. 

In a near two hour interview, Mark discusses everything from his beginnings in wrestling, his initial hesitations in the business, to touring Japan with Zero 1, working with Fergal Devitt, ICW, SWA, tagging with and fighting his brother, growing up with Jackie Polo and who to look out for in the Scottish scene. 
Candid, ridiculous, casual and rambling, this is not one to be missed as we delve into the mind of one of the hottest stars in the world today: ladies and gentlemen, join Simon, Scott and Louise as they sit down with Mark Coffey. 
PS: He brought cakes and stuff. 
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BWS Episode 79: Everything is Awesome!

July 31, 2014

The BWS crew return this week, hot off the heels of the massive Insane Championship Wrestling show in the  02 ABC, with an air of positivity. 

On this week's rundown of all things pro-wrestling:
  •  ICW: Shug's Hoose Party and their upcoming run at the Fringe Festival
  • The hotly debated Lionheart: This is Your Life segment hosted by "King of Chat" Jackie Polo
  • Fergal Devitt officially singing with WWE
  • A spotlight on some of the up and coming talent we can expect to see on the forthcoming ICW Spacebaws Showcase, including Switch, DCT and the Zero G Champion Mark Coffey
  • PBW at the Belladrum Festival, Fierce Females returning to Walkabout and the hot streak of Scottish wrestling
  • Scary Characters and those who have failed.
All this and much, much more ladies and gentlemen. 

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BWS Episode 78: w/ Jamie Kennedy

July 26, 2014

In the latest installment of BWS, Simon, Scott and Louise are joined by FSM writer and wrestling personality Jamie Kennedy as they run down the latest in the world of pro-wrestling. 

On this week's show: 
  • The Lana promo controversy
  • Storylines that have gone too far
  • CM Punk
  • What's next for the Shield members?
  • Insane Championship Wrestling: Shug's House Party
  • Fierce Females
And in amongst that: does Kane's willy have a mask?...Seriously. 

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WrestleShark sits down with… James R. Kennedy

July 24, 2014
In the first in our new series of sit down interviews, the WrestleShark team speak in depth with the mastermind behind the Kennedy Administration, Insane Championship Wrestling star James R. Kennedy. 

For the first time ever, we delve into the egotistical, surprisingly devious, obsessive and potentially deranged mind of one of the top managers in the UK, as Kennedy talks about his ambition for the future of professional wrestling and his vision for the Kennedy Administration. 
Discussing his relationship with the "Teen Sensation" Christopher, what drew him towards "the Global Hero" Joe Hendry, what role does "The Consequence" Tim Wylie play in his regime and finally some details on why he refuses to let Kenny Williams out of his contract. 

So download and check it out to find out who he views as "the father figure" of his administration, who would he sooner see have "every bone in his body broken before he broke his bond with me", his thoughts on ICW, Jackie Polo, Big Damo and much, much more. 

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BWS Episode 77: DCT, the Lines are Open

July 10, 2014

BWS returns, and with Louise unable to join the team this week, they recruit an old hand at the podcasting mast to assist them. 

Fresh off his recent International Sex Tour, the International Sex Hero of Scottish professional wrestling DCT rejoins the team for one night only, tackling the love life issues of Scott Reid, Simon Cassidy, an anonymous gentleman who wants to lure ladies back to the farm and much, much more!
Also on this week's show:
  • RVD...what's happening?
  • Chris Jericho vs Bray Wyatt: yass!
  • More DCT hotline solutions from the International Sex Hero.
  • Pro-wrestling chat show segments: are they actually worth the time invested in them? 
  • The end of Santino Marella?
Don't forget, the first edition of our brand new podcast, The Scottish Wrestling Rundown, is also available to download NOW! This is an all new panel show which looks at the matches, shows and events coming to a town near you (assuming you live in Scotland...). This week focuses on ICW, PWE, BCW and Fierce Females. Check it out by clicking HERE.

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Scottish Wrestling Rundown Episode 1

July 10, 2014

From the team that brought you The Shark Tank and the Big WrestleShark Show, the Scottish Wrestling Rundown has arrived!

Coming to you on WrestleShark.podbean.com and WrestleShark in the iTunes store every two weeks and hosted by Scottish wrestling Ring Announcer, Simon Cassidy, this brand new panel show runs down the shows, events and matches coming to a town near you from the fantastic wrestling scene north of the border. 

On this week's show, writer for Enter the ICW and InsaneWrestling.co.uk (BWS regular) Scott Reid joins the panel alongside rising star in the Scottish wrestling scene, International Sex Hero, DCT run down the upcoming shows from:

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BWS Episode 76: an alarmingly widespread and general discussion about the state of professional wrestling

July 3, 2014

On the latest, unleashed, edition of the Big WrestleShark Show, the team continue their reincarnation, with an over one hour edition, discussing Money in the Bank, Monday Night Raw, British Championship wrestling and then a whole smorgasbord of random nonsense. 

Also on this week's show: 
  • Vince did it (everything)
  • Cena as champ...discuss
  • Luke Harper: "that guy in the pub that accepts any challenge" of wrestling
  • Total Divas: good, bad or get tae f*ck?
  • Paige: ready for the big time?
  • The dirt sheets: pointless? On the payroll?
  • Best gimmick match of all time
  • Worst gimmick match of all time
  • Kane in general
  • Kenny Williams: your maws favourite wrestler
And so very much more (like seriously...so much more!)

Next week, the team will run the first ever edition of their new exclusive Scottish Wrestling Podcast and first name for their new series of sit down interviews confirmed shortly, stay tuned! www.Facebook.com/BigWrestleSharkShow

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BWS Episode 75: Unleashed!

June 26, 2014

Warning: explicit content, listener discretion advised.

Revamped, reformed and more ridiculous than ever before, BWS is BACK and free from the shackles of OfCom regulations, Simon, Scott and Louise bring you the latest from the world of professional wrestling. 
On this week's show (plus a whole lot more):
- Swearing...just, because
- Changes in TNA including a return to the Six Sided Ring and their blockbuster announcement regarding Bound for Glory in the Karouken Hall
- Rockstar Spud and Bo Dallas: how to be annoyingly great in the squared circle
- Greatest tag teams of all time
- And finally, the big plans going forward!

WRESTLESHARK EXPANSION: WrestleShark will be running BWS as the flagship show for one hour every week on iTunes and Podbean alongside TWO BRAND NEW SHOWS! 

The team will be launching a BRAND NEW half hour podcast dedicated exclusively to Scottish professional wrestling news, reviews and updates. For this bold new endeavour, they want YOUR INPUT! What should this show be called? Head over to their Facebook page and leave a comment to cast your vote.
As if that wasn't enough, semi-regular WrestleShark Sit-Down Specials will be coming your way, featuring extended interviews and chats with individuals from around the world of professional wrestling. The first name confirmed for this new production will be announced very soon! 
For more info, head over to www.Facebook.com/BigWrestleSharkShow or @WrestleShark on Twitter.

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BWS Episode 74: The Final FM Broadcast

June 18, 2014

For the last time ever on Pulse 98.4, Simon, Scott and Louise are rejoined by Chris Renfrew and Billy Kirkwood for absolute pandemonium. 

Attempting to discuss wrestling, the team discuss the recent batch of WWE releases, AJ Style's recent controversial remarks regarding Lionheart's injury before conversation rapidly fell into absolute shenanigans. 
Thanks to everyone at Pulse, BUT THIS IS NOT THE END! BWS will continue to broadcast every week exclusively on Podbean and in the iTunes Store. 
We will also be bringing you more sit down interviews, one off specials and ongoing exclusive Scottish wrestling coverage. For full updates, head over to www.Facebook.com/BigWrestleSharkShow. 


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